PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — How would you react if a business, next door to where you live, decided to install a big, flashing LED sign?

A local couple is facing that dilemma and they’re dealing with it in a surprising way.

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Tony Mercadante, 67, and his wife, Pam, say all they want is a sound night’s sleep.

But, the Mercadantes say that’s easier said than done, since a local convenient store, B&B’s Market, put up a multi-colored, flashing LED sign outside the store, 100 feet or so from their South Union Township home on Route 40.

Mercadante says “I shouldn’t have to put with this every single night.”

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He would like the store owner, Mark Howard, to at least stop the sign from flashing after the store closes at 8 p.m.

Howard says he has no intention of doing that, however, since his store is in a commercially zoned business, and he’s not breaking any laws.

Tony Mercadante has started to wear a sign standing by the highway outside the store, asking people to boycott it because of the constantly blinking sign.

Howard says he’s offered to buy the couple blinds or shades for their windows, but Mercadante denies ever hearing the offer.

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