PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Nelson Mandela made one visit to Pittsburgh back in 1991.

But one local man has a very special connection to Mandela.

He was in South Africa when Mandela won the historic election.

Arthur Baldwin, of White Oak, met Nelson Mandela and has memories of that day he will never forget.

Baldwin has photos of himself and Mandela, and even an original ballot from the 1994 Presidential Election in South Africa.

“Not only is the ballot there, but the official seal where President Mandela won the election,” Baldwin says.

Mandela was the first black South African to hold the Office of President in that country.

He managed to go from political prisoner, serving 27 years behind bars, to president only four years after his release.

Baldwin, like many others, knows that Mandela’s efforts had a great impact all over the world.

“Not only did he impact South Africa and the Apartheid situation in South Africa, but he really gave a model for people to be able to emulate the rest of our lives,” he says.

Baldwin, the husband of former Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Cynthia Baldwin, first met Mandela when he came to visit Pittsburgh in 1991, but Baldwin interacted with him many times more at the technology lab.

Baldwin says he had a principle role with regard to the fossil energy site and actually helped write the energy policy for South Africa.

“Not only South Africa, but the world lost a great human being,” Baldwin says.

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