Finally Chevy has a full size sedan that can go toe to toe with the other big American cars and better yet doesn’t look as if it belongs on a rental lot… the 2014 Impala.

I couldn’t help but to be impressed  with the job the Chevy design team on the exterior of the Impala.

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The lines are softly reminiscent of the big big sedans of the late 50’s/60″s with special detail paid to the rear quarter panels.

Impala rear quarters evoke classic lines and style. Photo credit Vinnie Richichi

Impala rear quarters evoke classic lines and style. Photo credit Vinnie Richichi

The result is a clean design that looks fresh and contemporary while evoking just a bit of the time when Chevy battled it out with Ford for the number one car in America.

The front gets a long hood  with a dome that not only looks stylish but offers pedestrian protection and combined with the short rear deck treatment give the Impala a distinct look and a car that looks like a car you would buy for you, not the fleet.

Slipping in and out of the Impala was pretty easy. Front seats were supportive and very comfortable. Rear seats a bit less so. Chevy scores big with quality in the interior. The dual cowl dash allows for a lot of space for both driver and passenger while also bring unique style to the entire interior especially at night with the soft ambient lighting. The Impala feels much more expensive than it is.

The touch controls for heat and ac take a little getting used to but once you are they work fine. The more I use the My Touch infotainment system I like it, and the hidden compartment behind the screen is trick. it contains a USB port so you can keep your i phone or other media in there. Standard OnStar is like having the smartest person in class in the car with you. Whatever you need to know it does.

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The trick compartment behind the screen. Photo Credit GM

The trick compartment behind the screen. Photo Credit GM


The 2014 Chevy Impala comes in three trim versions the test vehicle I drove was the 2LT equipped with the 3.6 liter V6 that delivered 305 horsepower which moved the Impala along quite nicely through traffic. Slipping on to the highway those 305 horses delivered plenty of punch to get up to speed and  a quick goose of the gas pedal got the Impala into passing gear and around anything it needed to pass. Also impressive how quiet the cabin is. There are 4 cylinder and a 4 cylinder e-assist versions (Chevy’s soft hybrid) as well.

Where the Impala really takes you is the way it handles. The ride is solid with good road feel and a good sense of connection. It’s spry without being too athletic but not too soft. The impala is built on the Buick La Crosse platform and it shows as the Impala rides much more upscale than you would think. Front McPherson struts and multi-link rear suspension give the Impala a ride unlike any full size Chevy I have ever driven.

The 2014 Chevy Impala 2LT sedan I drove included the premium audio and sports wheel package that gives you among other things 19″ wheels,Bose music system with surround sound and the advanced safety package with all the latest goodies. The car stickered out at $35,770.00.  Mileage figures come in at 18 mpg city, 28 highway, 21 combined. The Impala gets the 5 star overall rating by the  National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Chevy hits the bulls-eye in every conceivable way with the Impala. It goes from being a shadow of what it once was back to being the All American family car. That concept has changed to be sure but the Impala shows that Chevrolet gets it as does the rest of the brand. Stylish,nimble, roomy,built with quality and fun to drive or as much fun to drive as a family sedan can be Chevy has a hit with the Impala. At a time when it’s competition is starting to get a bit stale the Impala hits the scene looking as attractive as ever.

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