PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – In New York City, surveillance video catches a UPS driver dropping off a package, less than a minute late, a woman jumps out of a minivan and steals it.

In Philadelphia, a Grinch is taped grabbing a package from a home’s front door.

And two years ago, a package thief was caught on video in Pittsburgh. Police released shots of the man believed to be stealing deliveries on the North Side.

At the time, KDKA’s David Highfield talked to someone who had a package swiped from an entryway.

“It took that much nerve to actually walk into my house and take that package,” the resident said. “You know, go through the front door.”

“The post office is estimating it’s going to be delivering over 400 million packages,” said Warren King with the Better Business Bureau.

That’s exactly why the Better Business Bureau is warning people to take precautions, like requesting a signature.

“Have a return receipt that’s signed, so you know that person gets your gift or present,” King said.

If you’re not going to be home for a deliver, as a trusted neighbor to pick it up, or send it to work if that’s allowed.

Whether it’s the post office, UPS or FedEx, the BBB says take advantage of services, like tracking, customizing delivery times or holding it at a delivery facility until you can pick it up.

UPS will even send you a text or email.

“Prior to deliver so you’ll know when it’s going to be delivered,” King said.

“Now if you get a lot of packages delivered, we did find one thing you may want to consider,” he added.

There are a variety of package drop boxes. Home Depot sells one for about $300.

And David Archer from Shaler had another suggestion if you’re ordering from a store.

“We’ve made arrangements to have it delivered to a retail facility, to not have it sit outside all day,” he said.

A Pittsburgh Police spokesperson says if you get a computer or big screen TV for Christmas, don’t stick the box out front for trash pickup.

That’s a red flag for thieves that you have something good inside.

Instead, crush the box up and stick it inside a garbage bag.

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