PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A long patch of ice on Bigelow Boulevard near Frank Curto Park caught drivers by surprise.

Sunday morning, the inbound lanes resembled an auto salvage yard, with glass and debris from a half-dozen wrecked vehicles.

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Tracey Kelly’s van was rear-ended by a Ford Explorer after it slid on the ice.

“I looked out my rearview mirror and I seen the truck coming and he started sliding and he hit the side of my car,” he said. “And I just blanked out real quick.”

Courtney Moor was driving behind when she lost control of her Honda.

“The blue truck ran into the back of the van and he messed his car up and spun around and went to the left lane,” Moore said. “So I hit my brakes, I spun around and hit the guardrail.”

Two people were hurt in the accident. Police say it was followed by another three-car crash, which included two SUVs.

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“She went into a 360 and her truck was horizontal, across the road,” one of the drivers said. “And I ran right into her.”

Less than an hour after six cars piled up, near Frank Curto Park, City Police say there were three other accidents, in that same area, caused by icy roads.

Officers say they called on the Public Works Department, to put salt on the Bigelow Boulevard, Bloomfield Bridge area, but they say the trucks never showed up.

Some drivers also complained about the icy road conditions.
“The city should have been out here,” said one of the drivers. “They should have been out here. This is crazy.”

But Public Works Director Rob Kacziorowski says there was never a call for Bigelow Boulevard.

“Saying Herron and Bigelow to us is the intersection of Bigelow and Herron,” he said, “so if those officers made a call to their dispatch, it didn’t come over to our dispatch. It didn’t come over our communication as Bigelow Boulevard.”

Kacziorowski says dispatchers respond quickly to emergency calls and says he will investigate the police complaint and address it if necessary.

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