By: Andrew Limberg

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – No one around the Pittsburgh area won the Mega Millions, but one Wexford man won a raffle for a valuable painting after only spending $140 for a ticket.

Jeffery Gonano was one of 50,000 people with a raffle ticket and after his number was picked, he is now the owner of a Pablo Picasso painting entitled “Man with Opera Hat.”

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The painting has an estimated value of $1 million.

Gonano joined KDKA Radio’s Larry Richert to talk about winning the raffle.

“I don’t really know. I just saw it on the news and I thought it was interesting,” Gonano said about buying a ticket.  He figured his odds weren’t that bad.

Gonano says he got a call while at work yesterday telling him he had won the painting. He says he couldn’t believe he won.

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Gonano is a former football player and wrestler and has just started getting into buying pieces of art.

“I actually bought a couple pieces of art for my house and then I saw [the painting] and I thought, ‘That would be nice to have too,’” Gonano said.

He isn’t sure what he is going to do with the painting yet.

“If I could, I’d try to hold on to it for now, let the value go up over time,” he said. He isn’t sure about what taxes he will have to pay, if any.

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The piece dates back to 1914 and the money raised in the raffle will go toward preserving the biblical city of Tyre, Lebanon.