PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — An eight-month long investigation led to more than 100 arrests in the area. It was part of a long-term drug sweep in five Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

The investigation began back in April when Pittsburgh’s Bureau of Narcotics received a number of complaints, mostly drug related, from people who live in Pittsburgh’s Carrick, Knoxville, Elliot, Sheraden and Hazelwood neighborhoods.

As a result, the narcotics unit launched three separate drug investigations in those target areas.

Detectives say 122 people in all were arrested thanks to a group of informants.

In an eight month period, police say informants made numerous undercover purchases from suspected drug dealers.

The purchases led to the execution of numerous search warrants where detectives were able to put a dent in illegal drug trafficking in those areas.

It was a long-term effort, police are pleased with.

“When people call in and they give us very specific information like, ‘Hey, these people are coming to this house between these hours and everything else,’ it helps us narrow it down, the exact times. It makes it easier for use to investigate them. We’ll also have informants that we talk with and are constantly giving us updated information, which helps us,” said Lt. Robert Roth, of Pittsburgh Police. “As far as the people go, it’s all walks of life, and the primary drug we’re seeing here in Pittsburgh is heroin.”

Police seized 26 firearms, two vehicles, $122,000 cash and $163,000 worth of drugs in the sting.

Investigators say 59 arrests were made in the Carrick-Knoxville areas, 47 arrests were made in the Sheraden-Elliott neighborhoods and 16 arrests in Hazelwood.

Detectives want to encourage all residents to call the narcotics office or the mayor’s 311 hotline if they believe illegal drug activities are occurring in their neighborhood.

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