PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — “So that’s the Ohio River right there. Heinz Field, home of the Steelers.”

Donna Azar, of Wexford, shows her California sister the view from the Mount Washington overlook.

KDKA’s Dave Crawley Reports:

She and Lorin Mills, though two years apart in age, look almost like twins.

Each was removed at a young age from abusive, drug-addicted parents at a young age. Each was adopted by a loving family, and married loving husbands.

And yet, as Donna says, “She knew I existed. I didn’t know she existed.”

Older sister Lorin spent 17 years, searching.

Finally, through Adoption.com, she says, “I found her name, her adoptive name. One thing led to another, and then I ended up finding her on Facebook, and looking at her photo, knowing instantly that was her.”

Back in Wexford, Donna’s brother took Lorin’s initial phone call.

“And he said, ‘You have a sister,'” Donna recalls. “And he said, ‘You have a brother, too, and a half-brother.’ And my head almost exploded.”

When Donna called back, the conversation went on for two hours.

“Hearing her voice for the first time,” Lorin says, “and hearing her laugh, and hearing her talk. Everything she said it was just life changing.”

“We just had the most beautiful conversation,” Donna adds. “And we laughed, and we cried, and it was wonderful. It was absolutely one of the best moments of my life.”

“It just made me feel that all of my hard work, everything I had done up to that point, had paid off,” Lorin concludes.

Lorin found out that her biological mother passed away just over a year ago. Her search turned up her biological father this past June, lying on the grass in a park in Santa Cruz, addicted to meth and alcohol.

“It was very, very emotional for me,” Lorin says. “My husband was with me. He chooses to live that way, and I can’t change that.”

But the search is not yet over.

“We know we do have another brother. His name is John, and we are still searching for him,” said Lorin.

Watch the sisters on PTL here::

They grew up in different families, miles apart. Yet the resemblance is uncanny.

“We’re both very emotional, but very strong women. At the same time,” Donna says.

“Very strong women,” Lorin agrees. “Both very loving, both family-oriented.”

There’s still very much left to say. Long lost sisters are now fast friends.

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