PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Earlier this month, we profiled a single mother who has come to rely on a food pantry to make ends meet.

Our story on Brittney Rhodes touched the heart strings of many of our viewers.

In fact, some got together to be Brittney’s Secret Santa and contacted Andy Sheehan to deliver the gifts.

Rhodes is a working mom just trying to clothe and feed her two boys, but she just can’t make ends meet.

“I didn’t pay my rent this month and I have to pay twice. And I have gas, electric, student loans, day care,” Rhodes said.

Her plight did not go unnoticed.

A group of a dozen co-workers, who wish to remain anonymous, pooled their Christmas funds to make it a better one for Rhodes and her two boys.

“We have an entire tote and inside there is $350 dollars of gift certificates for her,” one of the anonymous workers said. “And we have a special gift for mom because we know that moms never buy for themselves.”

KDKA-TV’s Andy Sheehan picked up the gifts from the anonymous workers and delivered them to Rhodes, who was understandably shocked at the generous outpouring.

Sheehan: We did the story on you and people opened up their hearts and some people are playing Secret Santa. People still have heart out there.

Rhodes: I see. It’s very nice.

Sheehan: You deserve it.

Rhodes: Thank you so much.

Sheehan: Don’t thank me.

Rhodes: I want to give you a hug.

Sheehan: Don’t thank me. It wasn’t me. It was the people out there and you touched their hearts.

Rhodes: Thank you.

After presenting the gift to Rhodes, they brought it inside to show her boys who were just as excited and shocked as she was.


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