PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – One person is in police custody after a police chase in the Lincoln-Lemington section of Pittsburgh.

It started in Penn Hills when police started following a driver erratically.

And it ended with a crash near Highland Drive.

It appears that a police car may have crashed in the chase.

Police say they’re thankful the chase was a short one and that no one was injured, although, the risk of someone getting hurt was high.

“Officers were dispatched for a reported altercation, some type of fight,” said Pittsburgh Police Sgt. Patrick Fosnaught. “When they arrived, they attempted to stop some of the parties involved.”

But the people police tried to stop got into a car and took off, leading police on a chase through the neighborhood. Fosnaught says responding officers chased the vehicle until it crashed — at which point, police saw something alarming.

“Officers reported that the people fleeing from the vehicle had weapons,” he said.

However, no one was hurt and police arrested the driver. Meanwhile, a responding officer got into a minor accident on the way to the scene.

Police say they searched for weapons and the other people in the car, but were unable to locate them.

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