PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police have charged a 47-year-old man in connection with an alleged rape on New Year’s Eve night on Pittsburgh’s South Side.

Pittsburgh police say they have arrested David Baynes after a 33-year-old woman says he raped her inside his apartment on Sarah Street.

She was able to escape and made it downstairs to Walker’s Pub where she called police. When they arrived she was frantic and crying.

“Immediately walked into the bar and alerted several patrons that she had been raped and asked for help,” said Lt. Kevin Kraus, of Pittsburgh Police. “She claimed that she was just raped inside an upstairs apartment.”

According to the criminal complaint, the woman went to Baynes’ apartment after getting kicked out of a halfway house, hoping to stay with him until she could get sober. But she told police that instead, Baynes allegedly starting smoking crack and drinking, becoming increasingly agitated and sexually aggressive.

“Approximately around 7 p.m., she wanted to leave the apartment. He prevented her from doing that,” said Lt. Kraus.

The woman told police that she began to scream for help.

Police say she reported to investigators that Baynes allegedly hit her several times and sexually assaulted her, ripping off her clothes.

She told police she was able to get away by running downstairs to the bar. In talking with police KDKA has also learned that Baynes is a lifetime sex offender under Megan’s Law.

“Within the last two weeks, there was an arrest warrant, felony two arrest warrant, issued for his arrest for violating Megan’s Law and failing to properly register,” said Lt. Kraus.

Police say Baynes is facing charges, including rape and simple assault.

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