It’s a new year –

And when Bill Peduto puts his hand on the Bible –

And takes the oath of office January 6th

Pittsburgh will finally have a new mayor.

The outgoing mayor pretty much disappeared after he decided not to run again.

His absence often made it seem the city was adrift.

But in November – Pittsburgh got a new mayor-elect –

And there seemed to be renewed energy on Grant Street.

Bill Peduto immediately outlined what he wanted to accomplish.

He introduced his top administrative team.

And in a matter of weeks – maybe even days –

He’s expected to name department heads and a new police chief.

He has outlined an ambitious agenda –

And faces some serious challenges.

But for ten months – Pittsburgh has been like a boat with one oar in the water.

On January 6th – we finally get that second oar.

Let’s see where Bill Peduto takes us.