How will you remember 2013?

After two decades of losses – the Pirates not only had a winning season –

But made it into post-season play –

And the phrase, “Raise it!” became part of everyone’s vocabulary.

While it was an exciting year for baseball – and hockey –

The Steelers — not so much.

There was a 16-day federal government shutdown in October.

The Pennsylvania legislature did little except pass a transportation funding bill.

Pittsburgh’s lame-duck mayor was invisible most of the year.

The city’s police chief was fired – indicted –

And pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal police funds.

Pittsburgh had a weird “first” –

A mayoral candidate running from another continent.

There’s been enough political intrigue in Monroeville to create a soap opera.

Some suburban school boards aren’t doing much better.

Highmark and UPMC are still slugging it out –

Leaving consumers confused, concerned and angry.

On a brighter note –

Pittsburgh made more lists for being a great place to live – work – and visit.

And a giant yellow rubber duck floated into town for a few weeks.

Let’s just call 2013 The Year of the Bucs and the Duck –

And see what next year brings.