PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The little kitty is safe now, but he is still a little scared and shaken up.

That’s because he spent at least two days trapped underground in a storm drain off of Penn Avenue in East Liberty.

Sandra Cole and Susan MacQueen work next door. They heard the cat meowing in distress and tried to help.

“Yesterday, we put some fish down there, but he wouldn’t come out because there was so much commotion,” said MacQueen.

“I tried to lift this thing up to open it and get it out. We put a jacket down there thinking he might climb up,” Cole added.

But when none of that worked out, the women knew they had to do more.

Sewer workers came, teamed up with animal control agents, and set a humane trap and captured the little guy Thursday night.

He’s being tended too at the Animal Rescue League.

“His big issue is he has an infected leg,” said Dan Rossi, of the Animal Rescue League. “So, the vets took off some dead skin and we have him on antibiotics. The worse is he’ll probably lose is a toe.”

In the meantime, he’ll wear a cute little blue cast while he heals.

Vets say he’s about 4- or 5-months-old, and should grow and be fully functional and ready for adoption in a few weeks.

Click here to visit the Animal Rescue League’s website!

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