PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man already facing trial in the alleged sexual abuse of three boys has been ordered to stand trial in yet another case, based on testimony of the alleged victim’s older brother at a preliminary hearing in City Court.

The boy who testified Friday is now 14.

He told the judge what he says happened to his brother, who is now 7, but was 6-years-old when Michael Seaman was the family’s landlord while they lived in the city’s Knoxville neighborhood.

In the previous three cases for which Seaman will face trial, there was testimony he lured neighborhood kids with rides on his ATV, cash and Xbox games.

On Friday, the 14-year-old testified about what he saw involving his younger brother.

“I saw him give my brother a beer,” testified the older brother when asked whether alcohol was involved in what he observed.

And then he went on to testify: “I saw he and my brother naked on the bed. He had his mouth on my brother’s [genitals].”

The reason the 14-year-old testified is because the alleged victim in the latest case would hide behind his mother and refused to even speak to the prosecutor when he came to court.

The judge ordered Seaman to stand trial in this latest case on charges including involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child.

Seaman faces formal arraignment in the latest case in March and is likely to face trial in all the cases later this year.

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