PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Jamie’s Dream Team, a local organization, is hoping to fulfill the dream of a mother of two, who three years ago was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Jamie Holmes, of Jamie’s Dream Team, who was named one of Larry’s Heroes is hoping to help the mother, 28-year-old Jhanay Harber.

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Jhanay is mom to two young boys, ages 10 and 5. At age 25, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, the cancer has spread to her spine, lungs and brain. Doctors have given her no hope for a full recovery. All that she wants is to be able to take her family to Disney World and spend some time with them.

This is where Jamie’s Dream Team steps in. The non-profit organization works to lift the spirits of those suffering from serious illness.

Holmes says time is of the essence in Jhanay’s case.

Holmes says during her latest visit with Jhanay, the mother of two explained why Disney World is such a special place for her family.

“When she was little, they have such a big family, 30 of them went to Disney World, and if she could only take half of them just to see her kids smile and have a big family reunion, it would mean so much to her,” Holmes said.

“I’ve had this experience with my grandparents, going to Disney World, having the most wonderful time there,” said Jhanay. “And I just want my kids to have the same thing.”

And Holmes wants to get it done as soon as possible — aiming for as early as next week.

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“It’s important for me to have this time with my kids, it’s because I don’t know how much time I have here,” said Jhanay.

Jamie’s Dream Team says it needs Disney gift cards, airline miles, monetary donations, hotel rooms or any thing you could possibly think of to help defray the cost of her trip with her sons and immediate family members.

Given everything that is needed, the number of people going and the quick timeline, Holmes remains confident that she can pull off such a feat.

“I believe in this community, that they will come together and my timing will be on track and by the 16th of February she will be in Disney,” she said.

If you are able to help Jamie’s Dream Team make Jhanay’s dream come true, check them out online at jamiesdreamteam.org or call them at 412-377-3898.

Click here to see Jhanay’s page on Jamie’s Dream Team website.

You can listen the whole interview below:

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