PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A New Castle native who has made Pittsburgh his home is using his commitment and passion to sculpting to benefit non-profit organizations.

Thaddeus Mosely, born in 1926, is a self-taught African-American sculptor who started working in the art form because he couldn’t purchase pieces he wanted for his home.

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“I wanted to make things sculptoed for my house and I really couldn’t afford to buy anything so I started making things,” Mosely said.

Though his work is accepted everywhere now, according to Mosely that was not always the case.

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“The arts were far more liberal than many other cases, what people liked if, if they thought you had talent and you were good many of them were glad to have you in their organization but that doesn’t mean that museums and galleries welcomed you,” he said.

Mosely taught for more than 30 years at Touchstone Center for crafts said he had a chance to move to New York for his art, but didn’t when he realized it was more about making money than making art.

He’s proud his art work enables him to help raise funds and awareness. The sale of his latest work on smaller pieces will provide funding for the women of OMWA, providing an avenue for creative, cultural, economic and environmental empowerment for the women.

To find out more, visit: indiegogo.com.

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