PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Andre Davis was charged with a double homicide in Penn Hills two years ago.

Not long after that, investigators say he told police he allegedly shot the man he intended to hurt because he verbally disrespected him in a dispute over money.

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But he claims he was in such a rage that when he saw two people come at him, he allegedly fired on them, too.

The two people turned out to be Angela Proctor and her son, Manning Proctor, who live there. They heard the shots and tried to see what was going on. They were killed.

Andre Frazier, who authorities say was the original target, survived.

But when called to the stand, he at first couldn’t remember being in the house or even being shot by Davis until the prosecutor played the 911 call Frazier made that night.

The jury heard the 911 call:
Operator: “Where are you shot at?”

Frazier: “Uh, in my stomach, please hurry.”

Operator: “Listen, what’s your name?”

Frazier: “Andre Frazier.”

Operator: “Andre, are you sitting? Are you there alone?”

Frazier: “No. I think two other people are shot. Hurry up, please.”

Operator: “All right, I’m on my way. Just stay on the phone with me. You’re only shot in your stomach?”

Frazier: “Like three times, hurry.”

Operator: “Three times? You don’t know who… where is the person that shot you?”

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Frazier: “I don’t know. I can’t remember. Please hurry.”

Frazier: “Manning! He can’t talk (inaudible) please try to hurry up.”

Operator: “Who else is hurt?”

Frazier: “My friend.”

Operator: “How old is he?”

Frazier: “Twenty-two.”

Operator: “Where’s he shot at?”

Frazier: “Where you shot at? (background conversation) Back and chest. Hurry, please (background conversation) His mom is shot in the neck. She’s bleeding all over. Hurry, please!”

Operator: “His mom is what?”

Frazier: “Shot right in the neck. Hurry!”

Frazier was shot three times.

The jury also heard Davis taped statement to police.

The defense has yet to begin its case.

Man To Stand Trial In Penn Hills Double Murder (3/23/12)
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