BEAVER COUNTY (KDKA) – In Beaver County, some crews are going without their trucks, plows and salt.

It was all destroyed Friday morning by a fire in the borough’s public works garage.

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Industry Borough employee Kasey Moran was out plowing and salting borough roads like he has been all winter. But this time, he’s driving a truck borrowed from nearby Potter Township and using salt that was donated.

“We definitely needed it because we didn’t have anything,” Moran said. “Nothing was salvageable from that fire.”

On Friday, the borough’s garage and its contents were destroyed by fire. The borough lost two plow trucks all of its rock salt, riding mowers, tractors, shovels and other equipment.

But it didn’t take long for other communities to offer assistance.

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“There’s been 14 municipalities that’s offered to help unity in Westmoreland, North Strabane, somebody up near Harrisburg,” said Industry Borough Council President Keith Hohenshel.

“Brighton Township, Ohioville, Ohioville is plowing our roads, laying down the ashes.”

Borough officials say it’s too early to put a dollar amount on the losses and the fire of unknown origin is still under investigation. But they are extremely grateful to all the communities who offered to help and asked for nothing in return.

“It’s great,” Moran said. “I mean it, since, to see everyone give you a hand – when you lose everything they had, it’s a heck of a hit.”

“I only hope we can give it back to somebody else when they need it really,” Hohenshel said.

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