PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – This month brought a special surprise to Ask the Judge with Judge Robert Dzvonick. He was pleasantly surprised when two unsuspecting visitors dropped by the show with a big surprise.

John Harford, past-president of the Pittsburgh North Optimist Club and Foundation, joined by the current president, Joe DeLuca, awarded the “Respect for Law” award to Judge Dzvonick for all that he does in educating the area’s youth.

Harford explained that this is a popular award focused around his projects locally.

“I’m very honored that I got this,” said Dzvonick.

The judge continued with the callers questions:

1. Darlene hit a pothole and damaged her car, but now is not able to receive compensation for her trouble.

2. Bob had a problem with a tenant paying rent and ended up in court. During the trial, the tenant brought forged receipts of rental payment. Then, Bob went and recorded with a hidden microphone the confession by the tenant. Is this evidence allowed to be used in another trial?

3. Where does Judge Dzvonick perform marriages?

4. Is it legal to refuse service to a family member who has a physical disability?

5. Stan had a tree branch fall on to his daughter’s car. The house that would own the tree is abandoned. What can he do?

6. How do you find a reliable lawyer?

7. Milt wants to expand his driveway but there’s a tree close by. The tree will probably die in the process but it’s in his neighbors yard. Will Milt be responsible?

8. If you were presented with the case of a teen suing her parents for college tuition what would you do?

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