ELIZABETH (KDKA) – An Elizabeth township man is being called a hero today after he jumped into action when he saw his neighbor’s home on fire.

According to officials, a home on Old Hills Road went up in flames around 5 p.m. Sunday.

Dozens of firefighters battled flames and smoke at the home. The second story of the house was gutted and the roof is nearly gone.

However, the outcome of this fire could have been a whole lot worse if it weren’t for Tony Pinneri.

Pinneri was one of the first to notice smoke in the neighborhood and quickly realized where that smoke was coming from.

“I ran toward the front of the house, the front door was slightly open. I threw open the front door and kicked the door in and the neighbor was in the living room,” Pinneri said.

Pinneri said his neighbor had no idea there were flames shooting from the back of his home.

“I grabbed him and I told him, ‘Let’s go. Your house is on fire.’ And he was worried about his cat and I said, ‘You can’t worry about your cat, I said let’s get going,’” Pinneri said.

The neighbor and the cat made it out safely.

As for Pinneri, he says he did what anyone on his street would have.

“We’re all neighbors. We look out for each other. So, it’s a good neighborhood, so I think anybody else would do the same thing,” Pinneri said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


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