By: Alyssa Marsico

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio1020 KDKA) – Chatham University has rich history of being an all women’s college. But due to shrinking enrollment numbers, the university feels their best option is becoming coed and allowing men to enroll.

Many students and alumni of Chatham are speaking out and voicing their disapproval that the university would even considering changing to a coed institution.

Sarah Grey, a 2002 graduate of Chatham, talked with Bill Rehkopf on the KDKA Afternoon News about her feelings toward her alma mater’s decision to allow male enrollment.

“It’s not really that there is anything wrong with having men around, it’s just that women’s education is actually something that’s worth preserving,” Grey said. “If you look at the stats on women’s colleges, we actually – as college graduates – have an amazing success rate.”

Grey says she thinks their success rate can be attributed to the sense of confidence they get there. Their education is valued. They are taught that they can do anything, and she says they take that thinking into the real world and do just that.

She points out that women today still make on average 70 cents for every dollar a man makes and that the work force brings many disadvantage for women. Grey says that getting rid of women’s colleges would be a big mistake and only hurt women in the working world.

“The playing field isn’t quite level, what women’s colleges do is they are sort of a secret weapon for us they give us a way to catch up;” Grey said.

Alumni have been reaching out to the university, asking how they can help save Chatham. They want to preserve the 145-year history of their college and don’t want to see the women’s college become no more.

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Chatham University Considering Going Co-Ed (3/6/14)
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