PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Barbie doll is tall, thin and perfectly proportioned.

But who could ever hope to look like her?

“Barbie World” is a long way from Greenfield, home of a young entrepreneur and Pitt grad who immigrated from Russia in 1995.

Nickolay Lamm has a very different idea of what a doll should look like.

He has designed a doll with what he calls “realistic beauty standards.” Combining “Lamm” with “family,” he calls her “Lammily.”

“I’m well aware that they’re just toys,” he says, “but I’m also aware of the body image concerns around it. I just wanted to create an alternative which I don’t think has existed before.”

He says it all began when he created an image of an “average Barbie” that went viral.

“And then everybody was saying, ‘Where can I get a doll like this?’ And ‘Lammily’ is my response to that,” he said.

He says a Crowdfunding effort raised enough money for the dolls to come out in time for Christmas. He adds that it’s not just girls who react to idealistic body types.

“I remember in high school I tried to lose a lot of weight because I wanted a six-pack, and I looked pretty terrible,” said Lamm. “So, I’m very well aware of the whole body image issue.”

Look out, Ken doll. You may be next.

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