MURRYSVILLE (KDKA) – Since the stabbings at Franklin Regional High School, churches in Murrysville have actively been involved in the healing process.

The tragic events were a major topic during a Palm Sunday service.

“Lord, we as a people, as a community, need peace and security that can’t be shaken by evil threats,” said Pastor Dr. Eric Molicki.

It wasn’t a typical Palm Sunday service at the Murrysville Community Church, the tragedy at Franklin Regional High School is still fresh on the minds of the pastor and congregation.

“The tragic events of this week and Palm Sunday really go together and they go together because Jesus came to defeat the root of all evil,” Molicki said.

Five days ago, 16-year-old sophomore Alex Hribal went on a stabbing spree, slashing 20 students and a security guard in the hallway. While he prayed for the victims and their families, Dr. Molicki also said a prayer for Hribal, who is now in custody at a juvenile facility.

“The reality is that there, but for the grace of God, go any of us,” Molicki said. “We want him to know that there is grace and mercy in Jesus Christ, just like we want that grace and mercy as well.”

As police, the school district and the community look for answers in the tragedy, Molicki believes there is only one solution.

“Evil is not just something that happens, it’s something that’s within,” he said. “And the hope that we are pointing people towards is that the solution to evil is Jesus.”
As the community begins the healing process, many are hoping something good will come from the assault at Franklin Regional High School.

“We serve a sovereign god, who is not asleep at the switch and who loves all of us,” said congregation member Anne Williamson.

“God does things within our own hearts, reveals ways we need to become more and more conformed to Christ, to become people of goodness and love,” Molicki said.

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