PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) – The Pens showed some good signs and some bad signs in Game 1 against the Columbus Blue Jackets, but the real key is that they came out of the game with a 1-0 series lead.

ROOT Sports Pens Analyst Bob Errey joined Starkey and Mueller to talk about that game, what he liked, what he didn’t like and any changes he’d make in Game 2.

Errey gave us his biggest takeaway from the game saying that “from the Penguins’ perspective, patience, that character, the resiliency that you want to see in a hockey club, dealing with adversity, but just knowing that there’s a lot of time left in the game.  Your power play was able to bounce back really quick, I think that was the biggest thing.”

Errey elaborated on the power play saying, “At 3-1 after you give up the short-handed goal, if that game drags on and starts going back to a level playing field and time starts ticking, then the Penguins are going to be in trouble, but they were able to fire right back on their power play.”

One downside to the Pens’ power play though was the play of Kris Letang on that unit, and Errey talked about what he would do with him moving forward when it comes to playing on the special teams.

“He’s going to learn from all his experiences that he’s gone through this year whether it be on the ice, off the ice, dealing with his stroke, all those things are going to help him in the long run,” Errey said.  “Let’s face it, he hasn’t played many games.  Niskanen has managed his game well, he’s found out what he can get out of his game and what he can’t, and he’s good in that position.  I think Letang’s minutes will go somewhere else.”

Errey also discussed the difference between the Pens and Blue Jackets both 5-on-5 and on the special teams, as well as what we saw from Marc-Andre Fleury in Game 1 and if he’ll break his recent streak of playoff slumps over the last couple of years.

(Photo Credit: Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

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