PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s Family Feud and there’s the family, catching the show with friends at the Walnut Grill in Bridgeville.

The bouncing Buda boys are back. Last year’s taping marked the second time around for pastor Chris Buda and his four sons.

“We went down with a little bit of an edge the second time,” said Buda. “As much as the producers enjoyed the way we did things, I think we were kind of hoping for a better outcome this time around.”

The Buda family was off to a good start.

Andrew Buda says the show was more fun than their audition in Pittsburgh.

“We had to be really excited and loud and jumping around,” he said. “I’m not usually like that, so the tryouts weren’t really super fun. But once we got there, recording a show, it was a blast.”

And dad Chris says it’s not as easy as it looks.

“When you’re sitting on your sofa or in your easy chair at home, everyone’s go the right answer,” he said. “We felt that way when we showed up the first time. And when they started asking us questions, and the bullets starting flying, it was a lot harder getting them out when the timer is going and they’re ready to give you the buzzer if you didn’t get it.”


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