PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A 16-year-old girl has died several days after the car she was riding in crashed and flipped upside down into a pond in Indiana County.

Police say she was a passenger in a getaway car.

It started when police were called to the White Township Walmart just before 11 p.m. April 18. Walmart employees had called to report 21-year-old Kevin Vasbinder, who they say attempted to steal items from the store.

When police tried to approach Vasbinder, they say he sped off in a gold Buick with the 16-year-old girl inside.

Police then chased Vasbinder along State Route 286 and onto Indian Springs Road. After that, police say Vasbinder lost control of the car while turning onto State Route 954 and went off the road. The car went over an embankment, flipped and ultimately landed on its roof in a pond about 4 or 5 feet deep.

During the crash, Vasbinder was ejected from the car, but the teen girl was trapped inside as it filled with water. Responders and police officers were able to pull her from the car, however, days later from her injuries.

Vasbinder was treated at the Indiana County Hospital and later charged on multiple counts, including aggravated assault, accidents involving death or personal injury and recklessly endangering another person.

No word on if he will face any additional charges related to the girl’s death.

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