PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) – Attorney Fred Rabner represented co-defendant Dquay Means in the Mike Adams stabbing case, and he joined Gregg Giannotti, Josh Miller, and Jim Colony on The Fan Morning Show on Thursday to explain his case against Adams and the prosecution that, when coupled with the cases made by the other co-defendants’ attorneys, led to all three of them being acquitted of any major charges.

During the interview, Rabner claimed that Adams fabricated a dramatic story about a robbery, lying under oath multiple times in what Rabner classifies as a selfish attempt by Adams to avoid trouble after failing a drug test at the NFL Combine a little over a year prior to the incident.

“Mike Adams knew that he was on thin ice,” Rabner said. “It’s three in the morning. He’s drunk. He gets out of this car. He knocks the chicken out of this guy’s hand. He gets into an altercation and gets stabbed. Who in their right mind would not report this to the police? That’s what I was telling the jury. Mike Adams, at the scene, he wanted to continue on and not even make a fuss, then the story evolved into a robbery much later.”

“Mike Adams created this situation of the robbery to take the heat off himself so that he would be out of the eye of the storm of the Steelers.”

Rabner offered a detailed account of how he believes Adams deliberately misled the authorities following the altercation on the South Side.

“The commonwealth presented two witnesses, none of them gave testimony consistent with the story that Mike Adams concocted,” Rabner said.

“Keep in mind, the police arrived at that scene within five minutes of Mike Adams being stabbed. Mike Adams continued to try to walk away from the scene and not be interviewed, he was trying to go home. When he gave the report to the police initially, there was no mention of a robbery. After he was in the hospital and he’s interviewed by detectives 10-12 hours later, it’s the first time he comes up with the story that he was robbed, and at that point he gives a very descriptive detail. He said ‘Dquay Means pointed a gun in my face and said I’m going to kill you in front of all these people.’ The detective swore that that’s what he told him. But when he appeared at the preliminary hearing six weeks later, Mike Adams went under oath and told a separate story – I never saw a gun pointed at me. Why did he change his story? Because there were so many people out there that if that had happened, there’d be a ton of witnesses that saw a gun pointed at a 6’7” guy’s head.”

His accusations didn’t end there.

“Mike Adams lied about other stuff. I mean, he lied under oath when we asked him at a preliminary hearing, how much did you have to drink, ballpark [estimate]? Under oath, he said two drinks, and he even gives us a little detail, Jameson and ginger ale… but when we got the blood alcohol content… it’s between .185 and .195. We put on expert testimony that he had to have [had] close to 28 drinks, and this guy testified under oath that, I only had two drinks.”

Rabner feels that Adams’ alleged deception was especially disturbing given what happened to the three suspects.

“Mike Adams thinks, if I make myself the victim, maybe I walk away from this,” Rabner said. “And that’s the sad part, that these three guys are sitting in jail for 11 months behind a fella’s story,” Rabner said. “I mean, that’s selfish.”

93-7 The Fan’s attempts to reach Adams for comment were not immediately successful.

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