PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) – Dan Blevins, an Army Calvary Scout who has served in Iraq, South Korea and Maryland has set his sights on a new mission, showing his support and encouragement for other returning veterans.

Blevins will be running the Pittsburgh Marathon to support the local chapter of Team Red, White and Blue and manufacturer American Textile Company.

Blevins will be one of 25 veterans running for Team Red, White and Blue. During his service, he suffered injuries to his foot and has experienced several setbacks since his return home.

“I’ve basically had a couple injuries on my right foot, compounding injuries over the years, which ended up taking it out of commission kind of for a while,” Blevins said. “It affected me tremendously, even in the last year, I was in and I couldn’t keep up with anybody. I could just see myself falling further and further out of shape and when I got home it got 10 times worse.”

He plans on telling his story tonight at a “Carb-Loading” pre-marathon dinner where he will accept a $10,000 check from American Textile Company to support Team Red, White and Blue.

Blevins tells the KDKA Afternoon News what drew him to throw his support behind this charity.

“No matter what, it was always positive motivation. Anytime I felt like quitting, anytime I didn’t want to do something, Team Red, White and Blue was right there. I always had a goal, positive motivation to work for. It’s some of the friendliest and most supportive veterans that you will find anywhere,” Blevins said.

Fearing the worst after returning home, thinking he would never return to a normal life, Blevins wants to lead by example for other veterans to show that no matter how hard the road may be, they can always make the comeback they want. Team Red, White and Blue represents that comeback to him and the fight to never give up.

“It’s going to be the best motivation you can find. When you see someone from Team Red, White and Blue running with the flag, they are motivating you the entire way it really gives you encouragement to finish the entire race,” Blevins said.

His advice for veterans who are experience setbacks after returning home with service-related injuries like his is simple.

“Definitely, reach out to Team Red, White and Blue. It’s the most support you can find in this area, and for me, it was life changing,” said Blevins.

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