There’s lots of pizza in Squirrel Hill, not to mention the infamous Aiello’s vs. Mineo’s rivalry.

But the newest pizza place definitely takes it up a notch. It’s Pizza Cono.

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It’s like a pizza horn o’ plenty filled with all your favorite treats.

It looks like a leveled-off ice cream cone upon first glance. The “cone” exterior is made of pizza crust and has just the right amount of crisp – probably perfect for those pizza eaters who are between deep dish lovers and those who prefer a thin crust.

You’d think the second you take a bite, sauce and cheese would spill over, but it’s actually very tidy to eat. I opted for pepperoni on my visit and as I dove deeper into the cone I could see that sauce, lots of cheese and pepperonis were all layered together so that you got all three in every bite. There was even some bonus cheese at the bottom, which was like having stuffed crust! (It’s the little things in life …)

All the ingredients tasted really fresh too. The cheese was flavorful and stringy, and the pepperoni was juicy and spicy.

I will say the Pizza Cono was delicious, I really loved it. I don’t know that I’d drive past 10 other traditional pizza spots to get one, but I’ll definitely make a trip next time I’m in the area.

What I would go out of my way for, though, is the dessert cono.

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There’s an apple pie inspired one and a Nutella filled one. Loving all things chocolate, I went Nutella.

And I’ve been talking about this thing nonstop. The crust was so buttery. It has a sweeter pastry crust that’s almost croissant-like in that it’s flaky but still kind of chewy and moist because of all the butter in it. Then it’s just filled with a big scoop of warm Nutella.

There’s almost too much Nutella where big clumps were falling out as I ate it and then I had a sugary beard after each bite, but I loved it.

Have you ever had a fresh, warm crepe just scraped off the griddle with chocolate sauce inside? It was very similar to that, but even better.

They also top it off with whipped cream, but I took mine to go and all the whipped cream turned into a liquid at the bottom of the cone.

The only thing I will caution is that they make the Pizza Cono when you order it, so be prepared to wait a good 20 minutes. Otherwise, I think I’ll be taking all my food in cones from now on …

Also, our reporter Dave Crawley gave it a try too, you can check out his report here.

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