PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan)- Yahoo Sports writer Jeff Passan broke the news regarding Pirates outfield prospect Gregory Polanco turning down a 10-year deal. He joined “The Cook and Poni Show” on Wednesday to share the latest.

The guys opened by asking Passan about his reference in the article saying the Pirates know that Polanco is ready. Was it because of something he was told by the Pirates or was it his own perception?

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“Let me put it to you this way. If Polanco would have signed the deal, he would be in right field now,” Passan said. “Of course, he is ready. The Pirates know he is ready.”

Passan says he understands the reason for the Pirates to make the decision to keep him down until June because of the way the MLB rules play as of now in service time. He also understands why the Pirates would be willing to take the risk to offer a major league contract to a guy who has never played a major league game.

“This is going to be the future,” Passan said. “It’s a brilliant move from the Pirates’ side of things – $25 million in today’s baseball landscape is not a lot of money.”

The rumored deal offered was a seven-year deal worth $20-$25 million with three club option years that could have the deal be a 10-year deal worth $50-$60 million.

Passan points out that if Polanco is the player the Pirates expect him to be, he will be worth nearly $10-$12 million per year by the end of his arbitration years. He understands why Polanco was so quick to reject the offer.

Polanco is rated by many publications as the 24th best prospect in baseball. However, Passan points out that in any other organization, he might be much higher because he would be playing center instead of right.

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Passan says Polano’s all around game is really coming together and he will develop into more power once he grows into his body.

Passan says he can understand why the Pirates have made the decision to keep him down unless he would have accepted this deal.

“It’s a hard decision for them,” Passan said. “But, it shouldn’t be. Major League Baseball needs to get rid of this Super Two stuff and have the best players playing.”

Pasan says it’s clear that Polanco is one of the best 25 men in the Pirates’ system and he could be here helping them win games and the fans would be flocking out to see him. Instead, he waits because of an issue with service time.

“They need his bat right now,” Passan said. “They can’t hit and he can and they need his bat in the lineup right now.”

Pasan said the Pirates have been talking about a deal with Polanco since Spring Training and they will continue to try and work with him. However, don’t be surprised if we don’t have to wait until July before the dream becomes a reality.

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