ETNA (KDKA) — Two Etna teens made an unexpected discovery while swimming in Little Pine Creek.

Hunter Eddy and Brian Miller say they pulled an alligator from the water.

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The boys say they were swimming when one of them heard a hissing noise.

“I bent over to tie my shoe and then it came up behind the rock and started hissing at me,” said Eddy.

The teens say they were both surprised and a little bit nervous to come face to face with a gator.

(Source: Ray Eddy)

(Source: Ray Eddy)

“He heard this hissing noise from the rock, and then then next thing you know he saw an alligator,” said Miller. “It was just, it was weird. You wouldn’t expect it around here.”

“We got it over onto the shore, and then he put a stick on his head and I jumped on it and got it,” added Eddy.

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The boys say they took it back to Eddy’s house where they put tape around its mouth, put it in the bathtub and called police.

Meanwhile, Eddy’s father was shocked by the find. He said his son is always bringing something home, but he never imagined an alligator.

(Source: Ray Eddy)

(Source: Ray Eddy)

“It’s something I never would have expected coming around here in Etna. It’s just Little Pine Creek around here. It had to have been just this year, it never would have been able to survive the winter that just passed, so I know it had to have been someone else’s pet,” said Ray Eddy. “You never know what you’re going to find. It’s a creek, I mean, there’s a lot of sewers that let off into there. You never know.”

Authorities came and took the gator away.

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