DETROIT — (WWJ) One day after the Department of Transportation refused to order General Motors to pull recalled vehicles off the road, the company has released a video showing some of the tests they’ve done on the recalled vehicles.

“We’ve conducted more than 80 different tests on the vehicles involved in the ignition switch recall, to ensure that the vehicles are safe if you use only a single key on the key ring,” said GM Vice President of Global Safety Jeff Boyer.

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VIDEO: GM produced video on testing of recalled cars.

Boyer says the video shows testing footage GM provided to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It included rough roads, high speeds, and panic stops.

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“Despite some challenging road conditions, the single key did not leave the key ring.”

General Motors has begun repairing the 2.6 million recalled small cars. But, with parts still being produced by supplier Delphi, the process will take well into the fall. GM has offered to provide loaner cars to people who are afraid to drive their recalled vehicles.

Senators Ed Markey and Richard Blumenthal had asked the Department of Transportation to order GM to tell owners to park the vehicles. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, however, says that engineers for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration did their own tests of the recalled vehicles, and found that–if driven using GM’s instructions–they are safe.

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The two Senators, who are on the committee investigating the recall, say they remain concerned about the safety of the recalled vehicles.