PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It’s one thing to make a sculpture.

But bringing it to life? A SyFy Network show called “Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge” followed 10 talented artists, including Jake Corrick of Belle Vernon.

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The senior at Seton Hill University showed an early talent for sculpture. But he added puppet making to his resume during two months of reality show taping in California.

“The other stuff, fabrication and animatronics, I was able to learn while I was there,” he says. “But everything starts with a good sculpture.”

He was in the middle of a class when he received the call that changed his life.

“I find out that I’m one of 10 chosen to be on the show,” he recalls. “And then I have to go back into the class for the next two hours with that knowledge in my head, and I can’t tell anyone.”

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Though the youngest of 10 contestants, the 22-year-old student made it to the final four.

Every Tuesday night, hundreds of fellow students at Seton Hill would join him, watching the program on a big screen in the cafeteria. He received a big cheer every time he appeared on screen, including that day when he finally, graciously, bowed out.

But he’ll be back, for one more Tuesday night.

“The eliminated contestants get to come back and be on the team of one of the finalists,” he explains, “to help them, hopefully, win the entire thing.”

Friends cajoled him to reveal details of the show ahead of time, but he says, “You have to tell them, just wait. You’ll see. Just wait.”

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