GIBSONIA (KDKA) — Treesdale Country Club is a long way from Canada.

But Canada geese feel right at home, for the moment. It’s what they leave behind that makes them undesirable guests.

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This is a job for Mickey, “patrol dog” for the Geese Police. Brandon Bowen’s border collie sends them flying into the sky.

“By repeatedly coming to a place and putting the dog on them like that, they start to believe that there’s predators in the area,” Bowen says. “So we’re appealing to their instinct to survive.”

Brandon and Mickey are western Pennsylvania’s connection to a national group aimed at getting the birds to go elsewhere.

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Mickey has a herding instinct. He’s not interested in retrieving. But the geese don’t know that, so they fly away.

“We discourage them from nesting there by really putting the pressure on them with the dogs because they start to perceive it as unsafe,” Bowen says.

Brandon admits his feathered adversaries sometimes have him talking to himself.

“I say stuff like, ‘Oh, you’re here? You’re here again? I’m going to get the dog right now,'” he said.

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