PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Knights of Columbus collecting money in Elizabeth Township over the weekend got quite a surprise.

When they went to count the money in the collection cans, they found a ring at the bottom of one can. A ring with precious stones in it, which they believe is valuable.

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“At first it was disbelief,” said John Hostovich.

If it was an intentional gift, it was very generous. But Hostovich and Frank Conti believe it was probably a mistake.

“Every now and then, somebody will come by and take their whole change purse and dump the whole purse into the can,” said Conti.

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They believe the ring was in with someone’s change, and the owner didn’t realize it. Or maybe it just slipped off someone’s finger.

“It’s the right thing to do – we want to reunite the ring to the owner,” said Hostovich.

They want the owner to call either 412-384-8328 or 412-672-7674 and describe the ring so they can return it.

Hostovich and Conti don’t want to reveal much about the ring, but they say it has some specific characteristics only the owner could describe.

The Knights of Columbus were collecting money for patriotic charities.

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