FAYETTE COUNTY (KDKA) – This may be a case of no good deed going unpunished.

A young motorist pulled over to the side of the road, after seeing a few people in a jam. After pulling over though, he found himself to be the one in big trouble.

The incident happened in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon along Greenbrier Road in Wharton Township, Fayette County. The victim was a man in his early 20s.

“He was driving along, he noticed a truck along the side of the road with the hood up,” said State Police Tpr. Stefanie Plume. “He stopped to see if the gentlemen needed help or not.”

However, the Good Samaritan found he stopped to help the wrong people.

“It was at that point the two gentlemen basically robbed him,” Plume said. “They assaulted him.”

Leaving the victim in the dust, the once disabled pick up roared down Greenbrier Road, headed to Ohiopyle. It was a strong arm setup.

State Police are looking for an older model Ford Ranger pickup, red in color with rear passenger fender rust.

The suspects are two white males, both 5 feet 9 inches tall – one about 130 pounds, the other around 230 pounds. The smaller one had on blue jeans and a black T-shirt. The bigger one was wearing khaki shorts and a red sleeveless shirt.

And while it’s hard to fault the victim for trying to help, Troopers say nowadays, you can’t be too careful.

“You never know,” said Plume. “Better to be safe than sorry. Call 911 and let authorities deal with it.”

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