BEAVER (KDKA) – A community group called ANEW rallied at the Beaver County Courthouse on behalf of Eileen Battisti, who claims her home was sold by the county for $6.30 in back taxes.

Group spokesperson Maryellen Deckard says their research finds that the sale was illegal based on the timing of the assessment and the law that governs certification of delinquent taxes.

Battisti herself did not attend the news conference on the advice of her lawyer because the matter is on appeal to Commonwealth Court.

In 2008, Battisti owed more than $4,000 in school district taxes, penalties and interest. A year later, she said she paid it off.

“I paid the total balance, the $4,000 … yes, never knew that there was more money on that bill,” she said.

What was left on the bill was a $6.30 interest charge because she paid it late.

County officials would not comment, but sources within the county claim the issue was not the $6.30, but rather back taxes from 2009 and 2010 that added up to about $4,900. And that the total due beyond the 2009 2010 taxes adds up to $15,000.
Her supporters argue she’s tried to pay it.

“She has an escrow account with $9,000 in it just waiting,” says Deckard. “They will not allow her to pay. That she has the money, hey will not allow her to pay because they took her house for the back taxes.”

All that is certain is that Commonwealth Court has been asked to sort it all out.

Judge Rules Widow’s Home Can Be Sold Over $6 Bill (4/29/14)
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