PITTSBURGH (93-7 The Fan) – Former Penguins RW, longtime NHLer, and Lightning head coach Rick Tocchet joined “The Fan Morning Show” on Tuesday to break down the team’s current situation and to discuss potential candidates for the vacant general manager position.

Tocchet also spoke about the potential head coach job that could be open in the near future.

Tocchet said that he’s always open to any good opportunities that might come along.

“Anytime there’s a coaching opportunity, you always like to throw your name in the hat,” Tocchet said. “Anytime a job is open with an ownership group that’s solid, you always want to be part of that.”

When it comes to the GM vacancy, Tocchet threw out one name that he’d like to see the Penguins consider- his one-time Flyers teammate and current Maple Leafs Vice President of Hockey Operations & Marlies GM Dave Poulin.

“I would like to see his name thrown in here,” Tocchet said. “Very smart. Somebody like that.”

In his mind, the Penguins need to develop more toughness, but not just any kind of toughness.

“To win a Stanley Cup, or to win in any of the pro sports, you want character and grit and toughness,” Tocchet said. “And when I mean toughness, I don’t mean fighting toughness. There’s no fighting really in the playoffs. I’m saying toughness, mental toughness, physical toughness, to endure certain situations that are thrown at you.”

Tocchet noted that the teams left in the playoffs generally have solid checking lines, and he thinks the Penguins need them too.

“That’s something that they’ve got to re-tool here, to make a really good third, fourth line,” Tocchet said. “I know you’ve got salary cap issues and stuff like that, but sometimes, to me, it’s better to have a really good third and fourth line and maybe sacrifice something on your first two lines.”

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