PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Everybody likes to get a package in the mail, but the U.S. Postal Service is warning that scam artists are taking advantage of that.

“People are receiving emails. It appears that it’s from the Postal Service, but it’s not. And it’s asking them to click on a link,” postal inspector Tammy Mayle told KDKA money editor Jon Delano on Friday.

The link tells the email recipient about a package for them at the post office.

As tempting as it is to open up that link and get the package that is supposedly waiting for you, don’t do it.

The Postal Service says that link could cause malware on your computer, and even worse, allow someone to steal your identity.

“They would have full access to your computer,” added Mayle.

Mayle warns that this includes any sensitive information you’ve stored on your computer.

“Passwords saved in your email, your address book they would have access to, basically tax information, so any information you have on your computer they have access to.”

The Post Office never emails customers.

“The Postal Service would not send you a link and ask you to click on it; never click on a link,” Mayle said.

If you do get a package and are not home to get it, this is how they notify you.

“People get notification in their mailbox or on their door that they have a package, but we would never send anybody an email,” noted Mayle. “We don’t have everybody’s email address.”

The Postal Service suspects the scam artists are located outside the United States.

“They like using the Postal Service because people trust the Postal Service name. It’s very trusted by the public. People let their guard down,” Mayle added.

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