UPPER SAINT CLAIR (KDKA) – Some people go to the pool just to sit back, put on a little sun-tan lotion and relax.

However, that’s not for a group of seven guys from the South Hills.

They decided re-define the idea of a lazy day at the pool.

They posted a video on YouTube showing an elaborately choreographed pool party slam dunk.

Seven guys sequentially pass a ball around while taking turns jumping into the pool – until the last guy dunks it off an alley-oop.

If you watch all 17 seconds of their carefully choreographed pool dunk, you’ll see the level of difficulty, which involved a golf club for the opening shot, a header and even a well-timed mid-air summersault.

It culminates in a video that was picked up by the sports network ESPN this weekend. That’s not too bad for a bunch of high school guys having some fun right?

“We were just sitting around like, ‘Oh, let’s throw it off the slide. Let’s hit it with a golf club.’ Like just doing crazy things and eventually, we just put it all together. It was a team effort,” Joe Pateras said.

They want you to think they did it in two tries, but in reality, it was many more than that. They did spend a long time polishing the individual elements.

“We were practicing like him doing a flip into the pool or like whatever or someone jumping off the slide and getting it. We practiced the golf shot a lot,” Pateras said.

They first put the video on YouTube to share with friends, but after Deadspin put it out on Twitter, it skyrocketed.

“They actually tweeted a link to our YouTube video and after that it was just — we had people e-mailing us all the time asking if they could use it. That’s how it ended up on ESPN,” Pateras said.

Now this gang of seven needs a publicist to keep up with their new-found fame.

“Yeah, we are kind of a big deal,” Pateras jokingly said.

And don’t think for a minute they are just one and done.

“You [have to] expect to see a sequel,” Pateras said. “We have been planning what we are going to do on our next dunk. We are jumping off the roof. We are going to drive a car into the pool. I don’t know what we are going to do.”

One thing is certain, it’s going to be tough to beat this one.

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