UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — A one-week suspension has now turned into criminal charges for a middle school student accused of vandalizing a school bathroom in Fayette County.

The incident was documented on cell phone video that was then posted online.

Titled “Toilet Paper Madness,” the uploaded video is two minutes and 30 seconds of allegedly a juvenile male loading up bathroom stalls with toilet paper, accompanying the action, riveting play by play.

“This is how you destroy a bathroom stall in school,” he says in the video.

The incident happened at Lafayette Elementary-Middle School in Uniontown. The toilet papering terror would leave no stall unclogged.

But police say the unnamed 15-year-old boy made some big mistakes in his quest for 15 minutes of fame, or infamy.

“School officials identified him through voice and a shot of his shoes,” said Lt. Thomas Kolencik, of Uniontown Police.

Then, the police got involved. The toilet papering teen allegedly admitted everything, thinking time flushed the whole thing away like so much Charmin down the drain.

“In the interview, he actually had the same tennis shoes on, and in the interview he made the statement that ‘that’s old news,’” said Lt. Kolencik.

Old news that resulted in new, serious felony criminal charges.

“The actor was charged with institutional vandalism, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct,” Lt. Kolencik said.

Although recently charged, the incident happened in April. It garnered the suspect a 10-day suspension.

On YouTube, he allegedly bragged about his bathroom wipe out. But police are not impressed.

“Senseless act,” Lt. Kolencik said.

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