PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Police are investigating a possible arson, after a Butler family says their car was set on fire in front of their house.

Tracy Lawther says she can break down and cry when she looks at her burned out 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier.

“We just keep asking why, why would you burn something that had three car seats in there, and belonged to our kids,” Lawther says.

Police haven’t determined whether it was a case of arson, but for some people who live on Mackey Avenue in the City of Butler, that’s what it looks like to them.

“This is just outrageous, I’d like to see who did this to her, and see them punished. I mean this is uncalled for, ” says neighbor Nancy Herzog.

It wasn’t much to look at to begin with Lawther tells KDKA’s Ralph Iannotti but she says this was her family’s only means of transportation.

The car was left parked overnight on Mackey Avenue, a narrow street where parking is somewhat limited.

Her six-year old daughter Angel woke up early Tuesday morning to something suspicious.

“She said that she saw a gentlemen, or a boy, opening the door and setting the car on fire,” Lawther says.

To make Lawther even more suspicious, one of her neighbors found a threatening note on his car’s windshield this morning, reading, “Park where you live, not elsewhere, move your car.”

“If you had a problem with us you should have just knocked on our door, but to go this extreme, it’s ridiculous.”

Butler City police say no one was injured, and when they arrived the car was fully engulfed in flames.

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