PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — One employee was fired and another five to six more will soon be as well after former Steeler Mel Blount says they didn’t follow proper policy and procedure at the Mel Blount Youth Home.

The action comes after Blount says one of the five children who had been staying at the youth home accused an employee of grabbing the child about a week ago.

Blount says it was the youth home’s decision to contact social services to take four children from Allegheny County and one child from Washington County away because the employees weren’t doing their jobs. Blount said the children were taken away by care workers last night.

Today Kait Gillis with the state department of public welfare said”

“We received complaints that triggered an investigation. We sent investigators in today and found that there were no children in the care of the Mel Blount Youth Home. We will continue our regulatory investigation and take appropriate actions on a variety of allegations.”

Gillis wouldn’t comment on what the allegations are exactly, but said the department would release that information when the investigation is complete. Mel Blount also didn’t want to elaborate about what the employee who was fired did but said that they deserved to be fired.

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