We’ve all done it.

As a sports fan, how many times have you retold a game story and used the phrase, “You couldn’t script a better ending if you tried?”

Well, the simple fact of the matter is that Hollywood does try.

No matter what your favorite sport is, there are probably several timeless classics about it.

One of the best parts about sports movies is even if you’re not a fan of the sport portrayed, you’ll still go see the movie.


First,  it’s about sports. Second, it’s better than some sappy love story where the ending is blatantly obvious before the opening credits have finished rolling.

Guy meets girl, guy likes girl, guy overcomes some problem to be with girl, guy gets girl in the end. Sound familiar? In case you were wondering, the same works in reverse too.

Anyway, we’ve been treated to many great sports movies and narrowing them down is a nearly impossible task.

So, we enlisted the help of Pittsburgh Steelers General Manager Kevin Colbert.

During a recent interview on 93-7 The Fan, Colbert revealed his list of top sports movies of all-time.

How does your list compare?

Kevin Colbert’s Top Sports Movies

No. 1 – “Slap Shot”

“Without a doubt, the best sports movie of all-time is ‘Slap Shot.’ It’s iconic, especially in the hockey world, but really for anybody that really appreciates a good story that was real close to what was reality back in the days of the old Eastern League.”

No. 2 – “Field Of Dreams”

“Not a realistic story, but a great story. I’ve actually had the experience of being at Dyersville two times. I get chills when I go there.”

No. 3 – “Brian’s Song”

“Football is a little more difficult for me because you live in that world and you know most of it’s hokey, but ‘Brian’s Song’ was a real story, a true story and was portrayed in a real fashion.”

No. 4 – “Remember The Titans”

“I can relate to that one, because that was when I was playing high school football. That one is realistic for me, because that was happening at that time. That’s another touching movie.”

No. 5 – “Rudy”

“That’s another neat story about a kid who shouldn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t and all of a sudden does in a way that his teammates embrace him. You like to see those feel good stories. I think all of those portray a reality that sports can create for teams.”

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