By: Heather Lang

It was just last week that a friend and I were talking about our mutual fear of spiders. Ick! I get the creeps just thinking about them.

Crawling up the walls, scuttling across the floor, scurrying through the grass. Those eight-legged creepy crawlers make me break out in a cold sweat.

“EWWWWWWWW… SPIDER! Can you come and smash it for me?” That’s usually my urgent call to anyone else who is around when I see one. And if I’m alone, oh my gosh! I have to get the biggest, most heavy-duty shoe I can find before I’ll even consider doing it myself.

My friend felt the same way. Always calling for her husband or a co-worker (obviously not me!) to come and kill it for her.

So what a coincidence it was when, later in the week, a YouTube video started showing up everywhere.

Have you seen this viral video yet? The attack of the “Mutant Giant Spider Dog?”

It combines an animal that absolutely terrifies me with an animal that I absolutely love. Quite honestly, the first time I encountered it, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Created by a prankster in Poland, Chica the Spider Dog runs around in a tarantula costume terrifying people in the dark of night! But by day though, she’s just a sweet, little black pup.

His sister’s dog, I read somewhere on the inter-webs. Pun intended!

The tarantula costume is about as scary as you might image it to be. Brown and black, long and skinny black legs, and terrifyingly fuzzy. So deceptive, usually fuzzy means cute, just not on gigantic spiders with deadly fangs!

Oh my, I’m shivering fearfully as I think about them writing this!

Ok, so sure, it’s just a costume for a dog. Do a Google image search and you’ll find a plethora of dogs dressed for Halloween in a plethora of spider costumes.

But in the dead of night, strapped on Chica, moving along with her movements, it’s scarily deceiving. Ok, and a little bit hilarious!

Seeing her chase the guy who drops his bags on the ground trying to get away, scaring the pants off the girls who find her in the elevator hovering over a body, and then there’s the guy she forces into the fake spider web, trying to avoid having his body parts strung up like the fake ones he encountered earlier in the scene. Although, running into the web seems like that would only make that happen faster. Amiright?!?!

Check out the “Mutant Giant Spider Dog” video below:

Sure, it is a very funny viral video. It’s easy to laugh at a cute little dog dressed in a spider costume going around scaring people. It’s just a cute little dog after all.

But I bet you’d run away scared with your best horror movie scream too if you encountered the same scene on a pitch black night.

But in the end, I guess it’s good to laugh at your fears sometimes. It keeps them from becoming too scary. In reality, I do know that spiders are not out to get me.

So thank you Chica the spider dog for making me laugh. I’m by no means cured of my fear of spiders, but the next time I see one, I’ll think about the cute little spider dog and maybe I’ll let that one crawl away without sending a shiver of fear down my spine.

I’ll have to show my friend the video, too. See if she feels the same way.



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