Pittsburghese is near and dear to our hearts around here. It defines us as a region.

If you travel and you hear someone say, “Hey yinz guys,” you know you’ve found a friend from Pittsburgh.

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There’s one special word around here that has more applications than we know what to do with.


Because we are a caring people in Pittsburgh, there’s an online movement to spread the word around the world.

Local Pittsburgh blogger John Chamberlin’s goal is to get the word into Webster’s Dictionary.

“The Pittsburghese word ‘jagoff’ has a legacy and it’s not in the dictionary and as well all know it it’s not anything bad,” Chamberlin explained to NewsRadio 1020 KDKA’s Bill Rehkopf.

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“Online at yajagoff.com there is a petition to actually get the word into the dictionary, as we understand it there is no set number or get so many signatures that it will go into the dictionary. It’s really a matter of overwhelming support,” Chamberlin said.

“The three guys optical folks, Pittsburgh folks, clear true and blue, are going to give money to The Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation. A dollar for every signature collected to the Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine foundation, which does research for people that work in, and on and around ambulances and emergency parts,” Chamberlin said.

Listen to his full interview here:

If you’d like to sign up to help make this happen, you have until Nov. 25 at 11:59: p.m. to do so.

Here’s the link: http://chn.ge/1vriZoP

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According to the petition, “For every signature collected, Pittsburgh-based, 3 Guys Optical Center will provide a coupon for their service AND make a donation to the Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation.”