PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A local neighborhood is on a new list of trendy, up-and-coming communities around the world.

Specifically, it’s a list of places for “hipsters.”

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The website “Business Insider” put Lawrenceville on a list of “hipster” neighborhoods – alongside neighborhoods in Rio De Janeiro, Madrid and Toronto. As well as Little Five Points in Atlanta and Williamsburg in Brooklyn.

“A lot of people have nicknamed us the little Brooklyn of Pittsburgh, and I think that we are,” said Jackie Stone who chose to open her new shop, Phoenix Boutique, in Lawrenceville.

“I think it’s the most happening part of this city right now. I really do,” said Stone.

There’s definitely been a transformation in Lawrenceville. Empty spots on Butler Street are now filled with restaurants, stores, galleries, even a new movie theater.

The average price of a home in Lawrenceville has nearly tripled in 13 years, and rents on apartments have gone up, too.

The downside of the boom is that some older residents who have lived there for years complain that they’re being out priced.

But the popularity of the neighborhood shows no sign of slowing down, as more and more young people check it out.

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“There’s a lot of cool restaurants and places to go,” said Kayla McLaughlin of Shadyside. “It’s a cool young neighborhood.”

Melissa Stanger, an editor with “Business Insider,” joined Bill Rehkopf on the KDKA Afternoon News Wednesday to talk about the list and what exactly a “hipster” is.

“The definition of what a hipster is, is pretty suggestive, but we went based off the idea that a hipster is usually a millennial, a young 20-something person with certain interests – local, organic food for example, or vintage clothing,” said Stanger. “They typically like a certain type of music. They are interested in the art scene, but it’s a pretty loose constructed measure.”

Stanger said she visited Lawrenceville a few months back and said she was impressed with the “hipster vibe” she got from the area. She said she was aware that historically, it was a blue collar community, but new developments have helped change the face of the neighborhood.

“It’s seen a birth of the small business scene in recent years… a lot of new bars and restaurants, especially along Butler Street. And the craft beer scene is really big there, too. There is about half a dozen breweries in Lawrenceville alone,” Stanger said.

You can hear the whole interview here:

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