CRESCENT TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — It’s the bald eagles in Hays that have attracted the most attention. Last year, people watched three eaglets hatch on a web cam.

But it’s another eagles’ nest in our area that’s facing a threat.

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A nest in Crescent Township along the Ohio River may be the oldest and most successful eagle nest in our area.

“Right now, we have a pair that’s been working on the nest recently,” said Officer Matt Kramer from Pennsylvania Game Commission. “They’re getting ready to lay eggs.”

The problem is the type of tree in which the eagles chose to build. It’s an Ash tree and like many other Ash trees in our area, it’s become infested with the Emerald Ash Borer.

“It’s a little green beetle that’s Asian in origination and was brought here, it’s believed to be in packaging,” said Officer Kramer.

However it got here, it’s killing trees across the state.

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The Game Commission tried to soak the roots of the tree in Crescent with an insecticide to kill the borer, but it didn’t work. So the tree is dying, and the nest which is 100 feet up could come tumbling down.

“In the event that the tree does die, it’s possible that the eagles nest could fall from the tree,” said Officer Kramer.

The nest he says is heavy and about the size a king-sized mattress.

It’s not clear if it would fall years from now or much sooner, but the eagle pair using the nest had three offspring there last year and officials are hoping for a repeat this season.

Officer Kramer says the good news is that although the eagles have used this nest for years, as long as they continue to have a food source in the area, they would likely build a new nest nearby.

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