Are you “Heaven Sent” or “Hell Bent”?

That’s what Primanti Bros. wants to know with their new sandwich duo. It’s here just in time for the Lenten season.

The “Heaven Sent” is their “hanging-off-the-edges” colossal fish sandwich, which technically isn’t new, but perfect for anyone looking for a Friday fish option this lent.

It’s a 9-ounce fish filet with all your standard Primanti’s goodness on top.

But what is new — and for anyone feeling gluttonous — is the “Hell Bent” sandwich filled with genoa salami, capicola and mortadella.

This thing is gooooood. As a tried-and-true capicola lover on my Primanti’s, this sandwich hits the spot with just enough spicy meat to give it some zest and not feel like your mouth is on fire. I always think the spicy meat is a perfect complement to the sweet coleslaw and starchy fries.

As always, it has the signature toppings of coleslaw, fries and tomato.

If you feel like trying either of these sandwiches, the Primanti’s in Market Square is celebrating the launch with 3D street artists from Santa Barbara, Calif. They spent the last three days creating a really cool illustration outside the restaurant and it will be there though the weekend (possibly longer, weather permitting).

(Photo Credit: Sarah Kovash/ KDKA)

(Photo Credit: Sarah Kovash/ KDKA)

And — the Market Square location is currently under construction (but still open) as they build a new covered patio. An employee told me that it should be open soon, hopefully next week!

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